Sunday, February 19, 2017

What's the News in Room 10 Week of 2/13/17

Hello Friends and Families!  Happy Friday!

Reading Workshop
The past few weeks we have been focused on adding new tools to read challenging words.  We discussed strategies such as thinking about the story to problem-solve words, thinking about what kind of word would fit, slowing down to break up long words, and using words we already know to help solve words we don't know.  As partners we have learned to keep track of the story, making sure our partner's reading sounds right, and reminding our partners to use what they know about word parts when they get to a tricky word.

Writing Workshop
In writing we have begun our unit on persuasive writing.  We have learned to explain judgements in convincing ways by giving as many reasons as possible for our opinions.  We have read and studied the work of others (using other students' work-not in our class, as an example).  We have learned to expect that others will disagree with us and how we can politely disagree with others.

In math we expanded our experience with tens and ones.  We counted with groups of 10's and leftovers, discussed numbers mad with 1's, discussed writing numbers in expanded form (46 is 4 ten's and 6 ones or 40+6=46).  We learned to break apart a ten to make 10 ones and write new representations in expanded form.  We also learned to make an organized list to show and write a give 2-digit number.  When we return from our long weekend, we will begin our topic on comparing and ordering numbers to 100.

100th Day of School!
On Friday, Feb. 3rd we celebrated the 100th day of school!!  Thank you very much to Mr. Thorpe who came in and helped out with a super-fun gum ball machine/100th day activity!  We also made maracas to celebrate our special day!