Friday, December 23, 2016

Digital Version

Hello families!!!  Welcome to the digital version of What's the News in Room 10? !!!!

The past few days and weeks have flown by and the thrill and excitement of winter break is certainly in the air!

Reading Workshop
Last week we finished up our unit called Word Detectives where our focus was being on the lookout for difficult words, using strategies we know to solve those words, and checking our attempts.  In this unit we were able to draw on our prior knowledge, increase our acquisition of sight words, and use known words to help figure out unknown words.  We also focused on ways that readers look closely at words and use visual information effectively.  In January we will begin diving deeper in to fluency, phonics, and comprehension.

Writing Workshop
This week we will finish up our unit on nonfiction writing.  As I mentioned in conferences, we have researched and wrote about 3 topics together:  Ponies, Owls, and Reindeer.  We have learned as writers of nonfiction, we can teach others about a topic we know all about.  We have learned about the text features used in nonfiction writing:  a big all about topic, a table of contents, headings on each page, pictures that include labels and/or captions.  We learned the purpose of an introduction and conclusion and what to include in each.  This final book will be a topic of their choosing and will be done independently.  In January we will begin our persuasive unit on writing reviews.

This week in math we will finish up our topic on addition facts to 20.  We learned strategies to help us such as making doubles, using doubles plus 1, doubles plus 2, and making 10 to add.  We also learned to add with 3 addends and solved word problems involving 3 addends.  We have been actively practicing our basic facts to 20 as well either by addition and subtraction quizzes or by using Xtra Math on the computer.  In January we will begin our topic on subtraction facts to 20.

Have a WONDERFUL and RESTFUL Winter Break!!
😊  Mrs. Mocarsky 😊

Please remember:
-practice +/- facts to 20-return book bags daily
-wear sneakers on Friday
-return library books on Thursday

We practiced coding on on Wednesday during math.

Creating our gingerbread houses on Thursday.

Mr. B. reading us The Polar Express                       Reading by the fire        

We made the NICE LIST!!!