Friday, March 31, 2017

Hello Friends and Families!  Happy Friday!

Reading Workshop
The past few weeks we have been focused on using our reading tools to understand our books.  We learned the importance of rereading when something doesn't make sense or when we are aware that we don't understand a portion of text. We discussed the importance of making a movie in our minds to picture or visualize what is taking place to help us understand what is happening in the story.  With our partners we practiced acting out portions of our books to help us understand this skill.  We also talked about the importance of keeping track of who is talking.  One way readers can do this is by paying close attention to quotation marks and dialogue tags (said Bill, shouted Ted).

Writing Workshop
In writing we getting ready to conclude our persuasive writing unit.  The students have written all types of reviews including restaurants, movies, games, toys, and books.  One of their favorite pieces was persuading the leprechaun to come to their trap.  We learned to talk right to our readers balancing that fine line of being persuasive but not bossy.  We learned to write catchy introductions and conclusions with urgency.  We also worked with our writing partners to give each other writing check ups to make sure our reviews made sense and were easy to read.

In math we have continued our experience with tens and ones.  We added groups of 10, added tens on a hundred chart, added tens to 2-digit numbers, used mental math to add tens, added to a 2-digit number and we practiced solving word problems. I reinforced the importance of drawing pictures and writing number sentences.  I also challenged the students to find another way to solve the problem.

Working on adding with pattern blocks

Read Across America Day

Problem Solving with a group

Addition/Subtraction Quizes

Working with tens and ones

West End Blend Assembly

Have a wonderful weekend!

😊  Mrs. Mocarsky 😊

Please remember:
-practice +/- facts to 20-return book bags daily
-wear sneakers on Friday

-return library books on Thursday