Monday, October 27, 2014

Week of 10/27/14

Hi everyone!  Happy last Monday in October!  Here is what's happening in first grade this week:

In Reading Workshop this week we will spend time talking about tackling tricky words as well as thinking about what makes as we read.  We will talk about the importance of thinking about what the book will be about, looking at the pictures and thinking about who is in the story, and the importance of retelling to check for understanding.

In Writing Workshop this week we will continue to focus on making our stories come to life.  The students will learn to include their character's thoughts and feelings.  They will learn to use the words they do know how to spell to help them spell new, more challenging words.  The students will look to author's they know and love to see what special things these authors do that they could try in their own writing.

This week in math we will continue working on subtraction.  The students will write subtraction sentences to represent different kinds of subtraction stories.  They will find the missing part when one part and the whole are given, and write and identify different subtraction sentences that are true for the same model.

A Few Reminders:
-please send book baggies in daily so that students can swap out the books they are reading at home daily.
-have your child read every night-whether it be the book bag books or Raz-Kids, or a combination of both.
-send in an old sock to be used as a white board eraser.
-practice addition and subtraction facts to 10.

Have a wonderful week!!
Kelly Mocarsky

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