Monday, October 6, 2014

What's the News in Room 10? Week of 10/6/14

Happy Monday Families!!!
I hope everyone had a restful weekend!!  Here is what's happening in first grade this week:

This week in Reader's Workshop we will talk about why it is important for readers to focus on their own reading without disrupting or distracting other readers, how to make smooth transitions from one reading activity to another (such as moving from private reading to partner reading, or from partner reading to independent reading on the computer using Raz-Kids).  We will also discuss how to be a strong reader by not only reading the words but searching the illustrations for context clues as well.

In Writer's Workshop this week the students will learn to use the word wall to write words and check spelling, how to zoom in on one small moment (a small part of an event or experience) and write with detail rather than telling about an entire event or experience.   We will also talk about the importance of staying in the moment as they add detail about the event or experience they are describing.

This week in Math we will wrap up our unit on addition and move on to subtraction.  The students will learn to find the missing part of 8 & 9 when one part is known.  We will continue our daily practice of math facts to 10.  Please continue to practice these at home as well.  Please be on the look out for log-in info for a website called Xtra Math which is another tool students can use (and will use at school) to strengthen fact recall.

***A few reminders:

-Please read with your child each night and fill in the books read on the reading log form located in their green folders which should be kept in their reading bags.

-Please make sure their reading bags are returned to school each day because they should be reading a variety of books throughout the week and they will also read the books they take home during their private (independent) reading time at school.

-All lunch money baggies or envelopes should be labeled with your child's first and last name written clearly.

-Birthdays and holidays can no longer be celebrated with food-related items.  If your child would like to bring something in for one of those occasions, I recommend pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.

-Please email me ( if you would prefer to continue to get a print out each week of What's the News in Room 10.

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